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Montanans Against Assisted Suicide

A look at the history of assisted suicide laws in Montana reveal that legalization was considered and rejected in the Bill of Rights Committee of the 1972 Constitutional Convention. Since then the Montana Supreme Court vacated the lower court’s claim that State sanctioned suicide is a constitutional right. No right exist.

Join us as we are saving lives everyday in Montana!


MTAAS is a single issue group. Join the Resistance and save lives every day. 
Supporters of MTAAS are from the entire spectrum of us all. We leave our differences at the door to focus on the text of bills/laws that provide instant immunity to predatory corporations and others. Once we learn that the euthanasia monopoly’s bills/laws can easily be wrongly administered we stand united in the gap. BDW


In the 2011, 2013 and  2015 Montana legislative sessions, we helped defeat bills that would have legalized assisted suicide/euthanasia in Montana.  The Resistance is saving lives every day in spite of record spending/lobbying by the euthanasia monopoly.

Why We Care

Legal assisted suicide encourages people with many quality years left to throw away their lives. Non-transparent Legalization is a recipe for elder abuse and brightly enables predators. In Oregon, WA, CA and CO legalization allows the State to steer citizens to suicide. We need suicide prevention for all.  Every State Suicide Prevention Plan needs to address the “mistaken assumption that suicide is a rational response to a disability”. What say you Montana Governor Bullock? Your plan ignores our voice.


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