Celebrate 2017 our predatory corporate opponent abandoned their bullying legislative effort to legalize assisted suicide in Montana after record lobbying spending. Another loss for their donors.

Thank you legislators for holding the line since 2011. Thank you for your prayers. Defense defense defense is strongest now than ever before.

What we have learned so far in this Montana session 2017 is that the administration believes in “choice and rational suicide”. Unfortunately non transparent Oregon model assisted suicide laws do not honor our choices and in fact ignore them by empowering others (predatory corporations).

These model laws are disqualified from flying under the choice banner see second-thoughts.org.

The assisted suicide corporation claims there are no problems in Montana 9 years after the court ruled that if a doctor is charged they have the potential defense based on consent. Well it is known that the administration’s Board of Medical Examiners have dismissed complaints of euthanasia, so to say there are no problems is incorrect.

The administration’s DPHHS also rejected the language in HJ14 that included a specific recommendation to “address . . . the mistaken assumption that suicide is a rational response to disability.”


The administration should request statistics on suicide of people with disabilities and include them in our Montana Suicide Prevention Plan 2018 rather than ignoring them.